Dedicated Car Club

bringing AUTO enthusiasts from diverse backgrounds together to share our passion for cars
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Dedicated Car Club Mission

Our mission is to bring auto enthusiasts from diverse backgrounds together to share our passion for cars, build lasting friendships, and give back to our local communities through charitable events and activities.


Car Shows

By organizing car shows, we aim to create a fun and engaging event that promotes and helps stimulate the automotive culture in our community and attract more visitors.

Dedicated Car Club - BBQ Events
BBQ Festival

We offer this event at no cost to attendees. We provide a fun and inclusive experience for everyone to enjoy, by promoting a spirit of generosity and goodwill within the community.

Three Kings Day

This event is a beloved holiday in the Hispanic culture. Volunteering for this special day gives us an opportunity to spread holiday cheer, create lasting memories for families in need, and promote unity through the spirit of giving.

Annual Car Shows

We’re hosting our 9th annual car show at the Hispanic Festival in Florissant. The car show at the Hispanic Festival serves as a way to showcase and celebrate the diversity and vibrancy of car culture within the Hispanic community. It provides a platform for car enthusiasts to display their prized vehicles and share their passion for classic and modern cars with others.

“I would like to commend Dedicated car club for their hard work and dedication to community outreach. They are truly setting a great example for others to follow and are making a significant impact in our community. I look forward to seeing the club continue to grow and expand their outreach efforts in the future. Keep up the fantastic work!”

Haniny Hillberg (HFI Organization President)

Opportunity to Connect & Bond

Annual BBQ Festival

Every 3rd Sunday in August at Spanish Lake Park we have a FREE BBQ as a way to bring together members, car enthusiasts, family, and friends to socialize, build relationships, and share their passion for cars. The event is free to the public, including food, music, face painting, and a car show.  This provide an opportunity to connect and bond by sharing interest in cars and mainly just having fun.

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